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Mizi underwear-born to be elegant and comfortable

Mizi underwear: born to be elegant and comfortable


With the inapproachable silky texture and molding technology of bra cups, Mizi underwear eliminates the five major pressure of traditional underwear, which makes it comfortable to wear. The material is of best quality, like your second layer of skin, which can reduce the pressure trace on women’s back after taking off the bras. The design of bra cup has a very effective shaping function, which enables you to have voluptuous and charming breasts.


Charming—dignified traceless bra

With stitch-free and bra cup molding technology, wireless cup and anti-slip shoulder strap, the Mizi underwear is traceless, skin friendly, light and comfortable. The elaborate design and three-dimensional tailor are in accordance with human engineering principles. It is simple in design, and with smooth lines and super shaping function, Mizi underwear can help maintain the figure of young girl while enhance the figure of mature lady as well. It is cozy to wear, and brings you health and intimate care. The Charming Series underwear can keep women’s most brilliant and charming moment of beautiful skin, graceful posture, and amorous curve.


Enchanting—pure underpants

Women endeavor to pursue beauty. With elegant curve, natural sexy and dignified temperament, you will fall in love with Mizi-designed second layer of skin at the very first sight. It is light, comfortable and breathable. With exquisite technics, Mizi underpants can perfectly outline the beautiful curve of buttock and demonstrate sexual appeal to extreme. Combining light and natural feature, Mizi’s Enchanting underpants are the reproduction of noble and sexy character.




MiZi, details make perfect!


MiZi products use 88 percent of polyamide micro fiber, which is as smooth as silk;while 12 percent of spandex elastic fiber makes the material elastic like rubber band. As a result, the products are light, comfortable, elastic with shaping function, and traceless. The bra cups use top level high-elastic cotton, which is amazingly breathable and has very strong memory—after washing, tense, or oppression, it rapidly restore to its original shape in all circumstances with amazing resilience.

MiZi products adopt the three-dimensional molding method to make the bra cups, and use five tensile bearing clothes to resist the pressure upon the bra cups. What’s more, the ultrasonic hot melting cutting technology prevents the flanging of cup edges, and as a result of that, your breasts will no longer suffer from the friction of bra edges.

Ultrasonic are used instead of needlework—the edges are soft and seamless, which is sewed with ultrasonic hot melting.




Exquisite design makes the breasts shaping function of MiZi underwear, which is much better than steel rims bra. With higher side ratio and shorter armhole curve, the MiZi bras can perfectly tuck your accessory breasts and gather loose breasts to show your beautiful cleavage. By lifting the heart-shaped position and reduce the initial intersection angle of both bra cups, sagging breasts can become upright. The inner sides of the bra cups are thick in the lower part and thin in the upper part, which fit the breasts in a perfect way, and also make your breasts look much bigger! The back buckle is made wider and higher, which is light without any tension to your back, thus offers you an intimate sense of security. The shoulder straps have the pattern of wave, like the tires of an off-road vehicle. They can be very close to your shoulders and you won’t be worry about the falling of straps any longer!


The mental buckles adopt the chrome plating technology, which will never rust. And you can do up or undo the buckle in only one second.

The adjustable buckles are made of rare earth alloy material. With easy regulation, they maintain the optimum condition of comfort and beauty.

MiZi, details make perfect!

details make perfect!


A Compare among ordinary bra, adjustable bra and Mizi wireless bra


Mizi people believe that as fairies of beauty, it is nature for women to pursue beauty. It endows women with the charm of confidence, a cheerful mode, better quality of life, and better mental health. The experts working in Mizi are dedicated to build the glamour of women’s body and spread the culture of health.


Ordinary bras only pay attention to fashion and sex appeal, and focuses on the decorative feature of appearance. They tend to be attractive through fancy and colorful patterns, as well as peculiar appearance. The beauty of this kind of bra lies in the flowery pattern but not the charming shape of breasts—they look flat. Thus the bras are not comfortable to wear and have no beautifying function neither.


The general adjustable bras have a certain function of shaping; however, it is realized by tough force of steel rims acting on the breasts. As a result, the breasts appear to be voluptuous and upright, but actually it is a sub-health status of breasts suffering the ache of being squeezed, and a forced “beauty”.


According to body mechanics, Mizi bras are scientifically designed to be healthy and comfortable to wear. They remove the pressure of steel rims, thus enable the smooth blood circulation and axillary lymph detoxifying and prevent breast hyperplasia and breast cancer. Meanwhile, by guiding the flow of fat, Mizi bras help build a beautiful and healthy body, making the breasts more voluptuous and enchanting. With Mizi, the combination of elegant curve, health and comfortableness are finally achieved.

A Compare among ordinary bra


Mizi is to satisfy all your good imaginations for underwear!


There is always someone asking, why should I choose the Mizi brand for a wireless bra?

In fact, the easiest way to have a try—the real experience is more useful than thousands of words. For the friends who have never tried Mizi underwear yet, this article will serve as an introduction of Mizi underwear for you.

As an epoch-making product, Mizi underwear adopts breakthrough technology to combine traceless, wireless, and the function of shaping and adjustment. It has no lane ditch and no wire, but using glossy fabric, which is as smooth as silk. With extremely fine texture, the bra offers you every care and comfortableness. In addition, the bra cups have a good bearing force to achieve a much better shaping function of breasts than traditional bras with steel rims.

The fabric of Mizi wireless underwear is weaved by mixing polyamide micro fiber and spandex elastic fiber. It is finished in accordance with the changing of figure and each part of female body, thus is totally traceless with very little seam. Holding a Mizi underwear in hand, you can clearly feel the smooth texture of the fabric, which is light in weight, can absorb sweat, and easy to wash. The elasticity is just fine, which makes the bras suitable to your body yet not too tight. Moreover, the elasticity is lasting, thus the bras are durable.

The wire-free design produces no feeling of tension and no oppressing force to the breasts. It will not block blood circulation or affect the detoxifying of axillary lymph, neither. In addition, it can effectively mitigate or prevent breast hyperplasia. Such a healthy underwear also have the shaping function to eliminate accessory breasts, lift breast curve, and solve your problems about figure, such as small breasts, sagging breasts, breasts expansion, or unequal size of both breasts.

Mizi is to satisfy all your good imaginations for underwear!

adjustable bra and Mizi wireless bra

Mizi—A Representative of Health and Beauty

When you are relaxing, enjoying a deep breath which hasn’t occur for a long time, you would not want to feel the tension upon breasts and the hard steel rims. Wearing no bra or ordinary wireless underwear, you have to worry about the sagging of breasts. Then why not try Mizi wire-free bra? Mizi is enjoying an increasing popularity, and with equally distributed force, it perfectly combines comfortableness and fashion, and becomes a representative of health and beauty, as well as your indispensable intimate partner.


Some people say that underwear is essentially a secret happiness, like another kind of love—it is intricate, hazy, mysterious, crazy and silent. Different underwear records different feelings, and changing the color and pattern of underwear is her way of releasing or expressing emotions. Mizi underwear is a perfect demonstration of various sensitive feelings—with palace lace, you dream a beautiful dream of princess; with charming leopard print, you express your strong personality of being energetic and extraordinary; with bright silk-lined series, you convey your refinement; and with a neat glossy surface, the beauty of simplicity is demonstrated.


Mizi underwear focuses to combine oriental culture and international fashion. With a thorough understanding of female body and physiology features, Mizi-designed products are fit and satisfactory, and they are dedicated to provide women with a caring “second layer of skin”. Mizi underwear is always charming and enchanting, it explores western and eastern culture and aesthetics; and through the fusion of modern fashion, a unique underwear trend is created. Wearing Mizi, you will enjoy beauty and comfortableness at the same time—the feeling as gentle as the touch of a baby; and your charm will be naturally built.

Mizi underwear conveys not only fashion, but also a sort of art. It combines the fashionable and simple design with extremely exquisite technics to achieve perfection. You will be amazed with only a glimpse of it.

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